Monday, April 23, 2012

Ready Stance

The massive weight and scope of the transformation coming to Roxbury this year has yet to be felt.   Mayor Menino cut the ribbon on the redevelopment of the Ferdinand building in March and there are telltale signs of professional and determined changes happening even now. However, the readily apparent changes, such as traffic barricades placed around the parking lanes of Washington and Warren Streets to give workers and their tools the space to operate, the foundations being poured, and steel frames rising up and become part of the Dudley skyline, have yet to occur. 

They will start in three earnest.

As awesome as these changes to Dudley Square will be, they only represent the beginning of the changes to Roxbury.  With the recently announced news that the development of "Parcel 3",  the 8-acre plot of land directly across the Boston Police Headquarters, into a massive one million square foot shopping and residential center (currently entitled Tremont Crossing) has been proposed for fall 2013, combined with the invigorating development of Parcels 9 and 10, which could begin as early as fourth quarter 2012, it is safe to say that the Roxbury will be changing very, very quickly.  

Purple: Tremont Crossing, retail & residential (2013)
Green: Melnea Hotel, restaurant, gymnasium (2013)
Blue: Expanded El Tropical & residences (2013)
Red: Dudley Municipal Building (2012)

Tremont Crossing proposal:

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